How it works

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Brandhackers is a three-day branding hackathon, where brand strategists, copywriters and designers compete to re-imagine the brands of 7 startups. The climax of this creative whirlwind come on the last day of the event, when the creative teams present their work to a panel of expert judges.

On Friday the event opens with pitches from the entrepreneurs, who present their companies, to inspire creatives teams to work on their brands.

Over Saturday and Sunday creative teams focus on developing a branding strategy, defining the brand’s visual identity, voice and tone, and creating some executions.

On Sunday evening the creative teams present their work and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts.

How it works

Why attend Brandhackers?

We might be biased, but we think that there are dozens of reasons why you should come to a Brandhackers. Here’s a few:

Go beyond Theory

Brandhackers is all about creating. Go beyond theory into the realm of ‘learning by doing”. This is about transforming your concepts and ideas into a tangible brand and letting your creativity flourish.

Learn from Leaders

During the weekend you will have the opportunity to work closely with all-star mentors and learn from their experience. You will have the chance step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, to come up with new and fresh ideas about how to tell the brand’s story.

Network with Top Talent

Brandhackers attracts the city’s top creative talent. Working together under pressure to accomplish something in a short period of time, creates a certain bond between people, very similar to the relationships people make when they’ve been to war together. At Brandhackers you will build long-lasting relationships with your teammates, mentors and entrepreneurs.


Join other Brandhackers alumni, on a mission to change the world. We want to give our people the power to build a community and bring the world creatives closer together. In cities around the globe, you can join the movement  to share your ideas and connect with other creative minds.

Day 1

On Friday afternoon Brandhackers starts with a welcome and introductions, when creatives and startups get meet each other.

Startups share who they are, what they’re struggling with in terms of branding, and what they’re looking to gain from the weekend.

A speed networking event, matches creatives to create the final teams and pair them with a startup.

Each creative team is given a desk and all the essentials, including food and liquid propulsion, so they can start brainstorming and working on rebranding concepts.

Day 2

We kick off the day breakfast, coffee, tea, fruit and juice to get our minds in motion. 

Creative teams work all morning at their workspaces, until lunch.

After lunch teams meet with the mentors. It’s an opportunity for our mentors to meet with each team for 45-minutes, to review their work and offer direct, honest feedback.

The remainder of Saturday involves a fireside chat with a guest speaker, having dinner together, working some more and sharing some laughs!

Day 3

The last day kicks off with breakfast and a second round of meetings with mentors.

By now, redesigned assets like logos, websites, as well as copywriting will dissected by our mentors.

At 17:30pm, it’s pens down. All assets must be submitted to Brandhackers.

From there, creative teams have 60 minutes to clear their head and get ready to pitch.

Creative teams have 5 minutes to present their work to the audience and judges.

Judges deliberate and pick the winning team. The winning team is announced and awarded a prize and gifts.

Brandhackers end the day, with food, drink and networking.

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How it works